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Who We Are

Yemen Smart Supplier was established in the Republic of Yemen in 2022 with a commercial and services nature, such as importing and exporting services, architectural contracting work, internet and communication services, and renewable energy. In 2022, Yemen Smart Supplier Shipping & Logistics was officially registered with the records of the ministry of industry to provide freight-forwarding and logistics services.

What We Do

Yemen Smart Supplier provides several logistics services in cooperation with many local and multinational companies including shipping, air freight, Sea Freight customs clearance, cargo delivery, delivery services, exchange, Marine Insurance , storage, distribution and heavy transport services.

Board of Directors

Abdurabh Alrawhani

Founder & CEO

The founder of Yemen Smart Supplier, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning.

Khlan Alradhi

Monitoring Officer

The Monitoring Officer ensure that the Council, its officers, and its Elected Councilors, maintain the highest standards of conduct in all they do.

Dr. Abd Allah Alhamadi

Finance Director

Director of finance manages all aspects of a company’s financial health and long-term growth.

Kamal Ali

Marketing Director

Marketing director are responsible for the company’s marketing and communications strategies, as well as overall branding and image.

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Customer Satisfication Tools

By implementing a system of action we can find the story behind the data, and use it to improve the key moments of our customer experience – and subsequently improve CSAT scores.

Management & Reporting

Management and reporting is a key term for a type of business intelligence that involves reports meant to help managers to oversee operations and performance. These types of reports are core pieces in Yemen Smart  supplier.

Freight Payment Options

Freight payment is a collection of processes that can be thought of in general terms as an accounts payable service for transportation invoices. Freight payment providers act as the intermediary between the shipper and the carrier to receive, process, and pay invoices.

Compliance Solutions

Compliance Solution is a set of controls and processes that allows our organization to operate in accordance with contractual, statutory, and regulatory requirements regarding the use of computing and internet technologies.